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Solving your metalwork problems

MAP Engineers provides a complete range of Metal Fabrication and Installation services to clients across the the UK. Our clients are operating in Construction, Industrial and Commercial sectors to safely deliver value to their customers. The MAP Engineers approach is always to deliver maximum value to our customer by investing in our people, using the latest machinery and optimising our supply chain.

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With you for the long run.

With you for the long run.

MAP Engineers has grown steadily over recent years to employ over 60 full time staff at our Factory in Lowton, Warrington , Cheshire. Having established an enviable reputation as a dependable key supplier to many of our customers. We provide primary steelwork and secondary support steelwork to existing projects. Where a multi-trade presence is required MAP can project manage from start to finish, or work under the direction of the customer.

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We Make You Look Good.

MAP Engineers has a proven track record of working with tier 1 contractors (including the brands listed above) to help you deliver on budget and on time. Every project has it’s unique challenges and we’d be lying if we told you we haven’t encountered our fair share of problems along the way. However, the Team at MAP believe that good news can wait, bad news can’t! By tackling issues as and when they arise with honesty and transparency, experience teaches us that we invariably find a way to help you deliver your promises to your customer.

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